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One Woman Effect LIVE

Thursday, November 12 – Sunday, November 15, 2015

Lodge at Sonoma Renaissance Resort & Spa, Sonoma, CA

Sign me up!

You’re going to get what it would take months to do in just 72 hours.

Every single area of your life will be improved when you come home from Sonoma.  Because from deep within, you’ll be cleared and reset.  You’ll feel back on track and ready to go after anything you want.



  • A new relationship with your body
  • A new commitment to sweat and fun
  • Powerful tools to access a never-ending supply of energy
  • A fully rested, restored and energized you



  • Practical tools to calm the mind
  • Big lessons from peers
  • A newfound strength and belief that you can and will have what you want
  • A framework to “do it all” and stay sane



  • A more integrated whole understanding of who you truly are
  • Practical tools to really be the best you
  • The framework that will allow you to be in the flow – the zone that everyone covets, for good



  • Big self-love
  • A belonging to a community of powerful women  who will have your back and encourage you on
  • A plan to go after your true desires

The Program

One Power-packed Weekend of Big Talks, Fresh Starts and Some Serious Good Times With Women Just Like You


It’s an intensive 4-day personal reboot where you can fill your mind with life-changing ideas and inspiration, get back in your body, and connect with hungry women just like you who remind you what you’re really all about.


We’re coming together to be inspired, to have sunrise dance parties and afternoon yoga, to drink wine and have big talks, to help each other go after what we want.


In one supercharged weekend we’ll laugh, cry, dance, swim, heal and make plans for an unforgettable 2016. It will be held in one of the world’s most beautiful settings in the heart of the California wine country


Because all it takes is one woman who feels good in her skin and is clear about who she is to ignite everyone around her. She injects the world with possibility, growth, and change. And right now, the world needs that. Big time. - Cherie Healey


Over the course of the weekend, you’ll learn a framework that will help you embody your Highest Self and live in the flow – that zone that everyone covets.  Principles that will be yours to keep yourself in full alignment from the inside out, for good.


You’ll discover and claim your “original medicine,” the gifts and talents that you and you alone possess with renowned Master Teacher Gail Larsen.  You’ll also practice with globally sought after yoga teacher Kenny Graham, and sweat with Cynthia Healey, founder of Dance Empowered.


The truth is that we want to see how far we can go in life, we want to experience and taste everything that life has to offer.  We want to know how we can be our best selves and look back on our lives and say we packed it in and lived it well.


The solution is simple.  We need to take time out every now and then to remember who we are and what we want.  We need the tools to face fear and the things that hold us back… and we need each other.




We have to surround ourselves with people, like-spirited people, who are willing to cheer for us when we walk in the arena, who are willing to pick us up when we get our butts kicked, who are willing to remind us that we’re enough. - Brene Brown



The Secret Sauce of One Woman Effect

Learn how to keep yourself turned on and tapped in for good.

Each session will teach you what it takes to be the most powerful woman you are here to be and manifest the life you love.


We are amazing women, defying the norm, trying to “have it all”.   Juggling the demands of our big lives, we are at risk for burnout, overwhelm and that unfulfilled feeling of never being able to get ahead and enjoy life.

We want to “be”, not just “do”, to find that sweet spot when we can flow with whatever comes our way.  We want to be the best version of ourselves at home and at work.  You’re going to learn how.

In each session we explore one of the 8 steps you’ll use to live in the state of flow.  Centered and grounded in who you are, you’ll be able to tune yourself up, course correcting moment to moment, like you’re a chiropractor for your own soul.

When we can tune ourselves up, we can stay in alignment – the way we feel coming off the yoga mat or out of a deep meditation.  Then we have access to conscious choice, in other words, our best selves.  We break the reactive cycle and stay in our power, entering the zone – the flow that everyone covets.  We have access to a never-ending supply of energy, to our intuition and to the teacher within.  Then we can tune out the noise and the opinions of others and truly go after what WE want.


Curated Conversations


Unlike most retreats and workshops where you’ll sit and take notes, listening to speakers all day.  We’ll be having big talks as a big group about these 8 Principles.  We’ll break them down and learn from each other.  Together we will overcome whatever obstacle stands in our way.  You’ll leave with a Framework that will have you embody your Highest Self and live in the flow for good.


  1. Body. Redefine your relationship with your body and learn how to feel good in your skin. Everything you want starts here.
  2. Identity.  What some spend months learning in therapy, we’ll figure out in less than a day.  Own who you are and learn what your Original Medicine is – the gift that only you can give.
  3. Values.  The number one reason relationships fail and jobs end: we live with people who don’t share our values. Know what you stand for so you can live a life in alignment with you.
  4. Needs.  You can’t give what you don’t have.  Oxygen.  Mask.  Understand your needs and learn how to get them met in the highest way possible.
  5. Desires.  What you crave is the source of your magic.  When a woman has what she needs AND what she wants, she is unstoppable.
  6. Feelings.  You’re a girl.  You’re feelings are your super power.  Learn how to understand and work with your emotions to become a better communicator and connect more deeply with others.
  7. Space. One of the most important things we’ll discuss all weekend. When you learn how to cultivate space in your life your creativity, productivity and happiness soar.
  8. Ultimate Purpose.  The ultimate question will be answered by the time you leave Sonoma.  It’s time to declare why you’re truly here on this planet and set up your life to live that purpose daily.


This is not your typical workshop. You’ll sweat and you’ll drink wine. You won’t just take notes, you’ll make changes on the spot. You’ll dig deep and you’ll have a damn good time. We're ready for something new. This is it. Cherie Healey

What you do in Q4 will make or break 2016.



We’re gathering 50 amazing women to MAKE 2016 and

every year that follows the best ones yet.


We believe that anything is possible.  And we know you do too.


And yet we all have so little time.

We’re juggling work, family and friends, trying to be great at everything

we do, and many days we’re last on our own lists.


So how do you take care of everyone AND you?  How do you pack it all in,

do your best work and not burn out?


How do you play your edge, make a difference and

enjoy the hell out of your life?


How do you face your biggest fears, overcome obstacles and

become the woman you’re here to be?


How do you live a life that makes you happy and feel loved?


You do it by coming to One Woman Effect LIVE.


After 10 years of coaching hungry women just like you, one thing is for sure:
you’re all facing the same challenges, rising up to the same fears, and if you could just find each other, everything would change.

You’d show each other how it’s done.  Remind each other what you’ve made of.  And your obstacles wouldn’t stand a chance.



We find ourselves feeling like the lone wolf a lot of the time.  We’re out there writing the rules, making it up as we go along and there’s nothing more powerful than meeting someone who gets it.  If you’re searching for your people, you’ll find them here.



We’re seekers, always looking for a fresh perspective or a new strategy to overcome obstacles and make our visions real.  Curated conversations on topics like, Original Medicine, Ultimate Purpose, Desires and more will have you tap into your Highest Self and come home a new, more centered, grounded woman.



This is the part that makes us magic.  We know how to have a damn good time and we know we can’t be who we are without it. Sunrise dance, spa treatments, yoga, wine tasting and pedicab rides to adventures we’re holding secret will have you checking off your bucket list.  Big time.


Cherie Healey is the Soul Cycle of the personal growth industry. She makes what could be hard, hot and fun. - Tracey Raftery, Executive Director of Publicity at Fox Broadcasting
Grab 2 friends and save over $700

One Woman Effect Is For You If



  • You’re hungry for more and you know that being around like-minded women will help you get there.
  • You want to play bigger and really be the best you.
  • You’re at a crossroads in your life where you can either stay where you are or you can take your relationships and work to the next level.
  • You want to be the one they talk about when they say, “I’ll have what she’s having.”
  • You want to know your true purpose.
  • You are trying to decide if you should just be happy with what you have or go for what you truly want.
  • You want the holidays and 2016 to be the best you and your family have ever had.

The Teachers

Cherie Healey-cropped


Possibilitarian and Board Certified Coach

Founder of  One Woman Effect, the Bring It Group and Tapped In Leader.


Cherie blends a lifetime of study with great Masters in spirituality, strategy and transformation.  A master of communication and relationships, she works with hungry women, leaders who refuse to settle, to overcome obstacles and get what they want in life, love and work.

She will lead us throughout the weekend, teaching us the secrets to being our best selves and creating the lives we want.  Cherie is on a mission to give you the tools and community you need to be happier, more fulfilled and have a greater impact on your world.



Master Teacher

Founder of Real Speaking and Author of Transformational Speaking


Gail is teacher to Danielle LaPorte, Marie Forleo, Gabrielle Bernstein, and countless powerful people out to change the world.  Gail helps people finding their distinctive and influential way to speak from the truth of who they are to open hearts, inspire change, and move people to act.

Gail will help you discover your Original Medicine – the gift that only you can give.  If it is not shared, it will be lost to the world forever.  When you know what this is and own it, everyone around you will feel it.  You will walk differently, live more authentically and have deeper connections.  Your work will be infused with a greater sense of meaning.  And according to the indigenous belief, your presence will be healing to all.





Energy Intuitive and Licensed Psychologist

Founder and Creative Director of Dance Empowered


Cynthia’s Dance Empowered is a soulful, accessible, emotion-fueled experience choreographed to release stagnant energy and generate a feeling of freedom and empowerment.  She connects one-on-one with individuals using Reiki and Shamanic techniques to facilitate the healing process on an emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual level.  We’ll dance each morning, getting sweaty with the best music on the planet.  No experience is required.  Even if you just come to sit, watch and listen, you’ll never want to start your day any other way again.  1:1 appointments for Reiki with Cynthia will also be available throughout the weekend.



World Renowed Yoga Instructor

Founder of NoMatNomads


With 23 years of study and experience and a bachelors degree in psychology, Kenny has always been keenly interested in cultivating a deeper awareness of the mind-body connection.  Teaching with a focus on anatomical alignment, he blends movement with music (because everything is better with music!) to help restore the body to its natural fluidity and counter modern-day imbalances.  Every afternoon, his powerful and uplifting energy will be unlocking the potential inherent in each of us.



You will have an opportunity to meet with many types of healers and experts.  These powerful people will be with us provide insights and tools from a wide range of perspectives including Reiki, Tarot, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Enneagram and much more.

Baeth-Davis web


Intuitive Business Mentor

Baeth Davis is known as the “Palm Pilot for the Soul of Your Business™,”  and “The Intuitive Business Catalyst™.” Baeth is the secret sage to  global leaders, including celebrities, scientists and entrepreneurs.  Using her intuition, extensive shamanic experience, 17 years in  business and expertise in scientific hand analysis, she helps you  discover your life purpose, reclaim your shadow and step into the  passionate intuitive you know you are.  She is  committed to bringing the consciousness of Life Purpose to the educational system globally.



Certified Enneagram Teacher-Facilitator

Susan Olesek is a magnetic, deeply compassionate guide who holds a safe space for people of all walks of life to take a step towards themselves. Schooled in Hong Kong, Tokyo, London and California with a BA in Sociology, Susan is steeped in over 15 years of Enneagram Studies and practice. A sought-after speaker and facilitator, Susan will help attendees develop a deeper self-awareness and compassion. The results of Susan’s work bring nothing short of total freedom.



Founder of Oasis Wellness

Jennifer is a Wellness Expert and Speaker who teaches people how to embody their purpose and heal naturally. She’s on a mission help people understand the power that lies in a healthy body and that everything can be healed. She has is a Doctor of Naturopathy, a Registered Nurse, Reiki practitioner and soon to be Author. She will blow attendees minds helping them find natural solutions for stress, burnout, fatigue and all the other common side effects of being a woman who does it all.



I listen for who you are, and that is what you will get, a snapshot of who you inherently are, caught in time, to last you a lifetime.

I created SHE Photography out of a love for women, their hearts, their passion and their beauty.  I am inspired by and inspire women!  It is my purpose to bring forth and capture the essential strength and beauty intrinsic to every woman.

I am in constant celebration of women, through my love for the feminine and through the art of photography I create a transformational experience for my clients. I seeks to record a true testament of ones unique beauty with my photos, allowing each woman’s quintessence to emerge; I offer not only images that are beautifully composed and exquisitely crafted, but also an opportunity to capture who and what women are and what they stand for, what matters to them and how they wish to present themselves to the world.



Photography Is The Art Of Observation. It Has Little To Do With The Things You See And Everything To Do With The Way You See Them.

Understanding the women I work with is key to capturing their true essence through the lens. In both the business + personal realm, I am committed to capturing more than a face or a smile, but visually communicating that person’s character through my work. I would love to document your true essence during time of transformation, self-care and empowerment! Mini-Sessions will be available Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning (30-45 Minutes). I will make sure your radiant personality shines through in the photographs, and deliver polished images on a private website (with instant download to your computer).

I Believe In Love. I Am A Dreamer. Light Is One Of The Most Magical Things In The World. Telling Stories Through Photographs Inspires Me.

All you need to do is pack your things. We’ve got the rest.



One Woman Effect LIVE will be held for just 50 women in one of the world’s most beautiful settings in the heart of the California wine country, the Lodge at Sonoma Renaissance Resort & Spa.  All you need to do is pack your things. We’ve got the rest.


Thursday, November 12th ~ Sunday, November 15th

Packing all the coaching, sessions, dance therapy, yoga and wine you need to rocket yourself into alignment in ONE weekend.

Open to just 50 lucky women.

Just $1725 until October 5.  Prices go up to $1950 on October 6 if we still have tickets left.

Lodging separate. $269.00 per night, plus resort fee and taxes.

Interested in a Payment Plan?  Contact us at

Retreat fee includes:

  • Sessions and materials
  • Dance and Yoga Classes
  • Receptions (Thursday/Friday)
  • Breakfast and Lunch (Friday/Saturday)
  • Brunch (Sunday)


Please note that the retreat fee does NOT include hotel accommodations, $20 resort fee, travel, taxes or any other related fees. Shared accommodations are available based upon availability. While we unfortunately cannot allow cancellations, we will be happy to accept name substitutions!



Subject to improvements and surprises.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

1:00-2:30 PM

Registration and Baggage Drop Off

2: 30-3:30 PM

Yoga with Kenny Graham

3: 30-4:30 PM

Break/Hotel Check-in

4: 30-5:45 PM

Intro to One Woman Effect.

Body.  Own your relationship with your skin.  This is the doorway to everything you crave.

6: 00-7:15 PM

Panel of Healers & Experts

7:15-9:00 PM

Reception and meetings with Healers|Experts

Friday, November 13, 2015

7:00-8:00 AM

Dance Empowered

8:00-9:00 AM 


9:00-10:15 AM

Identity.  Be done with limitations and fall in love with all of you.

10:15 AM-1:15 PM

Original Medicine with Gail Larsen

1:15-2:45 PM


2:45-4:00 PM

Values. Live what you stand for.

Needs.  The more you want to give, the more you need.  It’s time to get it at a high level.

4:15-5:15 PM

Yoga with Kenny Graham

5:30 PM

Free evening to explore Sonoma, relax at the spa, or have appointments with healers/experts or photographers.

Saturday, November 14, 2015 

7:00-8:00 AM

Dance Empowered

8:00-9:00 AM


9:00-10:45 AM

Desires.  The secret to your magic.

Feelings.  Your superpower.  Learn how to own them, talk about them and use them.

11:00 AM – 12:15 PM

Q/A with Healers/Experts

12:15 – 1:45 PM

Lunch/Time for Appointments

1:45 – 2:45 PM

Space.  Clear out everything old that no longer serves.  Learn how to live freely, like never before.

2:45- 3:15 PM


3:15-4:15 PM

Yoga and Meditation with Kenny Graham

4:15 PM

Open Afternoon for spa treatments, photo shoots or appointments with Healers/Experts.

8:00 PM

Field Trip, Evening of Pure Magic

Sunday, November 15, 2015 

7:00-8:00 AM

Dance Empowered

8:30-10:00 AM

Ultimate Purpose.  Stand in your reason for being.  No matter what you do  or what title you wear, when you own this, your whole life becomes infused with meaning.

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Champagne Brunch Celebration/Ritual in Sonoma

12:30 PM

Check out

Appointments based on your travel schedule.


Hours Together


Incredible Women





The Location


Lodge at Sonoma Renaissance Resort & Spa

Arrival: Thursday, November 12th

Departure: Sunday, November 15th

You can request to extend your stay based upon availability.


Guest Room Rate – $269.00 plus taxes

Resort Fee – $20.00 per room per night

For more details, please see Rates and Details.


When you register for the event, we will reserve your room at the Lodge at Sonoma so we can all be together.  Please note that the room cost is NOT included in your event registration.   Shared accommodations are available based upon availability.

Guest Room Rate – $269.00 plus 12% tax and .25 commerce fee.


Resort Fee – $20.00 per room per night. The resort fee provides over $100.00 in daily value and includes: in-room bottled water replenished daily, complimentary local calls, complimentary WiFi throughout the hotel, resort shuttle transportation to and from Sonoma Plaza, overnight self-parking, resort activities, including nature hikes, yoga, nightly wine tasting and Sommelier wine education, access to the fitness center, complimentary appetizer or dessert with purchase at Bean & Bottle, $5 off bicycle rental, and $10 off any bottle purchase at Bean & Bottle wine shop or $10 off any spa treatment at Raindance Spa.


Double Accommodations – A limited number of 2 bedded Cottage rooms are available for shared accommodations. Please indicate on the registration form if you would like to share a room and if you have a friend that will be joining you, please indicate their name as your roommate.


Guest Room Policies – Your credit card will be used to guarantee your hotel accommodations. Your card will be charged upon check out (or upon cancellation). You will be responsible for your guest room for all nights, taxes, resort fees and your incidentals.

Lodge at Sonoma Renaissance Resort & Spa

1325 Broadway at Leveroni & Napa Roads  Sonoma 95476


Maps and Transportation

Transportation from the airport

The Spa at Renaissance Sonoma – The Spa draws inspiration from the belief that rainfall brings growth, vitality and rejuvenation, nourishing all living things and cleansing the earth.


Carneros Bistro – Carneros Bistro features seasonal farm-to-table cuisine. Focusing on using the very best from local Sonoma farms, ranches and dairies. The modern local cuisine is complemented by a 400 Sonoma County wine list. With a new look in a country setting, Carneros Bistro has been named one of the Top 50 Restaurants in the Bay Area by San Francisco Magazine.


Fitness Center and Outdoor Pool

Q.  What time will we start on Thursday and end on Sunday so I can make my travel plans?

A.  The event will be held from 2:00 PM on Thursday to roughly 1:00-2:00 PM on Sunday.

Q.   Can I stay somewhere else in Sonoma?

A.   When you register we book your room at the Lodge at Sonoma.  The registration cost does not include the cost of the room, an extra $269/night.  We are asking everyone to stay together on the property for many reasons.  There will be early morning activities and the need to change/refresh between sessions.   So you can get the most out of your weekend, we’re banning stress and rushing.  We don’t want you to have to worry about parking and the clock.  You should also be able to midnight swim if you want.

Q.   I’d like to share a room with someone – can you help me find a roommate?

A.   Yes!  We will ask you when you register if you would like us to find you a roommate and we will do our best to find you one!

Q.   Will there be time to explore Sonoma?

A.   Yes!  We will be having events all over the world and it’s important to us that you get to explore every beautiful place we visit and get to know the amazing women around you.  You will have time in the late afternoon and evening on a couple of nights to explore.  We’ll also have a very special celebration in Sonoma on Sunday.

What it takes weeks and months to do, you’re gonna do in just one weekend.   Early Birds get in for only $1725.  Prices go up to $1950 on September 28.  Only 50 tickets.


You can ask us anything.

And here are a few things you might already be wondering.

Q.  I’ve done so many workshops and retreats, how is this one going to be different?

A.  Join the club!  We’re workshop junkies.  We’re cooking up a very intimate, unique experience.  In fact, here are eight reasons why this one is pretty special:

1.  You’re getting in on the ground floor of a movement that will change the world.

2.  It’s for women only at a time when many of us are feeling very alone and searching for like-minded people.

3.  It’s deeply experiential.  You’re not going to sit back and listen to a series of speakers who are going to sell you things.  You’ll be guided through a deep transformation, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

4.  You get to work with Gail Larsen!  Unprecedented.  She only works with people in small exclusive groups of six, 4 times each year.  This is the first time she’s offered her Original Medicine work in this way.

5.  Kenny Graham.

6.  There will be a diverse and powerful panel of healers who will be with us throughout the weekend to support you in removing the blocks that stand in your way.

7.  Did we mention wine tasting?  In Sonoma?

8.  You will leave with a formula that will allow you to course correct from deep within for the rest of your life.  You already have everything you need, we’re just going to remind you and give you the tools to access your own power from now on.

Q.  I don’t dance and I don’t do Yoga.

A.  Don’t worry. This weekend is about getting you to a place of deep comfort in your skin. We are not coming together to be perfect – just the opposite. You are totally free to participate in any way that feels good to you. Pull up a chair and watch, dance in the back, just soak up the music or meditate. Maybe your fears will just melt away…


Q. I’m concerned about my dancing ability

A. Throw away any fears or beliefs you have about your dance ability and come sweat in a way that will change your life. More than just a dance class, it is an alchemical process for dancers of all ability and experience. Cynthia encourages each individual to move in a way that expresses their deepest self. You can follow her choreography or move however you want to move. The music is irresistible and no matter what your experience is with dance, you’ll be hooked.

Q.  How much will it cost?

A.  $1725.00 for the retreat, plus lodging ($269.00 per night plus $20 resort fee for 3 nights.  Shared accommodations are available upon availability).  Additional costs may include:  dinner, travel, transportation to and from the venue, additional spa and healer treatments and other related travel expenses.

Q.  I’d really like to go, but I’m not sure I can afford it right now.

A.  Close your eyes and ask yourself if now is the right time?  When you imagine coming, what does your body tell you?  If you really want it, you can make it happen.  Get creative.  Think about who might help you with the tuition.  What value could you provide for someone else who would gladly give you the money?  What will be possible in your life if you have the skills and tools to step into your power and be who you are here to be?

If now is not the time, we will be doing more events next year. Locations will be announced in January.

Q.  What time will we start on Thursday and end on Sunday so I can make my travel plans?

A.  The event will be held from 2:00 PM on Thursday to roughly 1:00-2:00 PM on Sunday.

Q.   Can I stay somewhere else in Sonoma?

A.   When you register we book your room at the Lodge at Sonoma.  The registration cost does not include the cost of the room, an extra $269/night.  We are asking everyone to stay together on the property for many reasons.  There will be early morning activities and the need to change/refresh between sessions.   So you can get the most out of your weekend, we’re banning stress and rushing.  We don’t want you to have to worry about parking and the clock.  You should also be able to midnight swim if you want.

Q.   I’d like to share a room with someone – can you help me find a roommate?

A.   Yes!  We will ask you when you register if you would like us to find you a roommate and we will do our best to find you one!

Q.   Will there be time to explore Sonoma?

A.   Yes!  We will be having events all over the world and it’s important to us that you get to explore every beautiful place we visit and get to know the amazing women around you.  You will have time in the late afternoon and evening on a couple of nights to explore.  We’ll also have a very special celebration in Sonoma on Sunday.

Ask us anything….



What’s Stopping You?



Fear, lack of support, money, time . . . there are always plenty of reasons to stay home, keep at it and not take time out for you.


But at what cost?

Here’s the truth.

If you don’t have the money, that’s exactly why you should come.
If you don’t have the time, that’s exactly why you should come.
If you’re having a hard time balancing family and work, that’s exactly why you should come.
If you have a lot of people who need you, that’s exactly why you should come.

Life is short.  This one weekend will be a turning point in your life.

Your family, your co-workers and your BANK will thank you.



What it would take months of coaching and healing sessions to do, we’re going to do in just one weekend.


We’ve heard from some of you that you want to come to One Woman Effect so much but you have visions of having to stand up and bare your soul in front of a crowd or you’re worried that you don’t think you can dance … so you’re stuck.


This whole event is about removing stress, not creating it.


We believe that life begins beyond the comfort zone, but we need to feel safe before  we can reach beyond.
When you arrive at One Woman, you’ll be welcomed by big-hearted women who will give you presents and direct you to your room so you can settle in.


Then you’ll walk to a gorgeous, high beamed, light-filled room with a blazing fire to take your seat and I will be there to entertain and delight you.  Expect video, stories and meditations that will open your heart and calm your body.


This can be a deeply personal experience that you share only with yourself or just your dear friend who might be joining you.  Or it can be a chance meet the sisters you’ve been looking for. It can be a big celebration or a soulful retreat.  It’s up to you.  You will not HAVE to do anything except receive.


  • You will not have to stand up in front of the group ever – unless you want to
  • You don’t HAVE to dance – although we think it will change your life.  Just come listen to the music.  There’s no better way to start the day.
  • If you’ve never done yoga, don’t worry.  Kenny is the kindest teacher on the planet and you’ll feel at home in minutes.  You can just come drink tea and just be with us or you can go get a spa treatment.  This is your retreat.
  • You don’t even have to dress up or go shopping for this.  You are encouraged to wear your coziest clothes, your yoga gear or whatever makes you feel good in your skin.


You may have never signed up for something like this before.  It may feel scary.  It’s ok.  If you’re heart feels called, take a deep breath and sign up.
And if you have ANY questions at all, call Cherie.  650.384.6108


She will help you in every way.


All our love,
The One Woman Effect Team


Whatever your next level is, whatever you crave – whether it’s just to slow down and enjoy life more or to launch a non-profit that will save lives – it doesn’t matter.


Nothing should hold you back.

Come learn how to go for it.

This November.

If not for you, for every person you love.





If you still happen to be reading this page,

chances are this event is for you.

Interested in Future Events...
Can't attend our event in November but want to know about future events?